I discovered TUYULOVEME work in 2014 during  holidays in Bali and I instantly fell in love with his style. After travelling for years all around the world to do some street art hunting or attend graffiti events, his work was very refreshing and quiet intriguing to me. After some research and additional street explorations, I found out that TUYULOVEME was a very prolific artist, not only in Jogjakarta where he resides today, but all over Indonesia and in many parts around the world… always the same shit but in some different place !

Having a passion for both STREET ART and GRAFFITI, I found in TUYULOVEME murals a perfect mix of these two urban art movements, maybe the “best of both world” as we say. 
His technique and experience of Graffiti spraying allows him to paint some very precise lines, to create some complicated backgrounds using the entire toolbox of classic graffiti designs like Throw ups, bubbles, dots, stars and more. These broken background designs allows him to create some visual chaos and energy that are transforming blank walls into powerful canvas.
Then by adding and blending his easily recognisable and joyful spaying character into his background, he is managing to bring even more action & movement into his work, attracting the attention not only from the pure graffiti players, but also from the wider community of Street Art lovers, Art lovers and everyday’s people walking down the street. 

In addition, thanks to his years of experience and technical skills, TUYULOVEME is able to transfer all the strength and the qualities of his large outdoor murals into smaller artworks without compromising his style. His use of mixed techniques and tools, like spray paint, acrylic or markers allows him to create a fantastic body of work that we are extremely proud to present to you at ALLCAPS Gallery. 

“SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT PLACE” can be understand as a provocative summary of TUYULOVEME art exploration in the recent years. After travelling and painting in Russia, Australia, Philippine, Thailand or Singapore… His vision has become very clear: He likes to paint what he paint, and don’t expect his style to change anytime soon, this is TUYULOVEME style and here to stay! Therefore we are delighted that he choose Bali to write another chapter of his creative life, and we hope you will truly enjoy the works of this iconic Legend of the Indonesian urban art scene. 

founder of ALLCAPS Gallery