In his latest solo exhibition, Yogyakarta based graffiti artist, TUYULOVEME creates a concious understanding  of his urban surroundings and its identity and relationship to his unique visual style of graffiti. In DESTROY TO CREATE, the artist negotiates the notion of the urban public domain in an enclosed controlled environment such as a gallery space. While his artistic identity on the streets of Indonesia remains raw, unprescribed at the very least, the gallery space provides the artist with a different set of challenge in repurposing and negotiating spaces. How does one bring the streets into the gallery? Essentially, street art or graffiti could never belong in a controlled space such as a gallery. When an artform such as graffiti is recontextualised into a gallery, what the artists essentially addresses is the fundamental being of his artistic being and its existence within the construct of various spaces. Climbing a billboard to bomb one’s name presents the artist with a certain set of challenges which is unique to the nature of the space, as is with creating a body of works for a solo exhibition in a gallery space. TUYULOVEME’s approach of re-appropriating objects acquired on the streets as a base for his artwork becomes the pertinent link in his attempt to negotiate his urban artistic persona to exhibiting his works in the gallery. Breathing new life into banal, decrepit objects as street signs and others allows him the same artistic mobility and freedom, akin to the act of defacing a decaying wall or billboard on the streets. In creation, there must always be an act of destruction. This is the cycle. DESTROY TO CREATE.